Saturday, November 1, 2008

Del Scorcho downgraded

I haven't been to Del Taco in about a year. Usually they'll ask hot or mild at the drive-thru, and I say hot because the Del Scorcho isn't that hot. This time though I found two different sauces in my bag.

Del Inferno

Once labeled as "Beyond Hot" the Del Scorcho is now labeled "medium." Poor Del Scorcho.
In it's place is the Del Inferno! I tried a little bit of it. It did seem a lot hotter. I think I like the Del Scorcho best. Here's an old pic of the Del Scorcho, before the downgrade.


Shizuki said...

Is the "Beyond Hot" version something you had in your kitchen drawer? Or you took photos of it before... or took it from the internet?

dave said...

Oh, the beyond hot version is just a picture i found on the web.