Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Bday to me Part 2

This is a late post but oh well...
Last Saturday we went to Capital Seafood in MPK for my birthday. Ardith, Steph, Bung, Vicki, Allen, Steve, Sofie, Dennis, Dee, Sat, Vu, Shiz, and Hangyee all came and we had to squeeze into one table.

Dave's Bday DimSum

Sat says it's because everyone's free in October, not because everyone likes me. ;_; But it's okay, I would have done nothing for my birthday if Sat hadn't planned the dim sum. Thanks Sat!

Bday Presents

I got some presents too this year! Target gift cards from Ardith and Dee because Sat put it on the evite, 360 controller and charger from Vu and Allen because I just got a 360, and jeans from Sat. Thanks everyone!

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